Rad Elbow Pads!

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Its the details that set the suave from the sophisticated and the fresh from the fly. RMK CLOTHiNG . Taking cues from classic sport coat and merging the fit of blazer with modern fabric blends like leather and herringbone, we have a mens jacket. New addition to collection on Karmaloop.

The newest RMK CLOTHiNG collection features the Monte Carlo Blazer in Herringbone with leather piping and elbow pad details. This is a formal piece of menswear has been tailored to work as functional streetwear.  From the party to the presentation, ready to rock.


Rockin those Monte Carlo elbow pads! Yeahhhhhhh

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Steezin’ Season

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Seasons change, mad things rearrange, But it all stays the same like the love Doctor Strange

That brisk air outside lets us know that its steezin season. The current RMK CLOTHiNG offering brings a collection of jackets, and button downs that can be worn now that its cooling down and unzip or unbutton when it warms up. A modern streetwear design spin on classic outerwear keeps you warm in functional timeless style. Take a closer look at the RMK collection drop via Karmaloop here.

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Commencing Countdown, Engines On.

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Good evening ladies and gents, and welcome to the official RMK CLOTHiNG BLOG!
You are cordially invited to explore the things that inspire RMK CLOTHiNG. Whether it be a bitchin’ ride, modern design, art, culture, music, or lifestyle, this is where its all going to be splashed.
As this is the first time we blog all over you, what better way to break the ice then with an intro from an epic album.
“Hi, It’s time to relax (you know what that means)
A glass of wine, your favorite easy chair
And ofcourse, this compact disc playing on your own stereo
So go on, endulge yourself
That’s right, kick of your shoes, put your feet up
Lean back and just enjoy the melodies
Afterall, music soothes even the savage beast”
[Offspring- Time to relax // SMASH 1994]
They don’t make them how they used to.
Thanks for stopping by and again welcome to RMK CLOTHiNG.
Commencing countdown, engines on, the RMK CLOTHiNG 2011 Collection preview is available now at rmkclothing.com Check out the collection preview and visit us on facebook, twitter, youtube, & vimeo. “RMK ALL DAY!”
RMK Missile Cart
(Seven, six) Commencing countdown (Five), engines on (Four)
More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/d/david+bowie/#share(Seven, six) Commencing countdown (Five), engines on (Four)
More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/d/david+bowie/#share
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