Rad Elbow Pads!

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Its the details that set the suave from the sophisticated and the fresh from the fly. RMK CLOTHiNG . Taking cues from classic sport coat and merging the fit of blazer with modern fabric blends like leather and herringbone, we have a mens jacket. New addition to collection on Karmaloop.

The newest RMK CLOTHiNG collection features the Monte Carlo Blazer in Herringbone with leather piping and elbow pad details. This is a formal piece of menswear has been tailored to work as functional streetwear.  From the party to the presentation, ready to rock.


Rockin those Monte Carlo elbow pads! Yeahhhhhhh

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Haunted Blog

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The RMK blog is haunted by ghouls and goblins of style. The new RMK collection is available now on Karmaloop, the jackets and shirts are to die for.

I was struck by lighting
Walkin’ down the street
I was hit by something last night in my sleep
It’s a dead man’s party
Who could ask for more?
Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door…

-Oingo Boingo [Dead Mans Party]

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“Wear a suit, don’t look like one.”

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You can still look dapper and have fun with your style. An open jacket at the party when buttoned can instantly be casual business attire. Having pieces in your artillery (wardrobe) that can be worn for different occasions is a must for the modern man on the go.

The Monte Carlo blazer by RMK CLOTHiNG has the silhouette of the classic menswear staple finished with design details that make it instantly new. Black and grey herringbone fabric comprises the body and features like leather elbow pads, piping and pocket details make it “time to rock” ready.

RMK CLOTHiNG thanks GQ magazine for publishing the mantra “Wear a suit, don’t look like one.”

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Mclovin that RMK

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Recently Christopher Mintz-Plasse of Super Bad (Mclovin) & Kick Ass fame, was spotted out rocking the new Beretta Varsity Jacket by RMK CLOTHiNG. The black perforated leather sleeves, and molten wool body make this functional piece stand-out in the new collection now available on Karmaloop.

Style icons and retailers alike are billing RMK CLOTHiNG, by Ryan Marc Katz as the designer who embodies the future of style. Starting with classic silhouttes, modern details unique to the designer make this collection both classic and instantly new. Keep your eye out for more menswear infused jackets, hoodies, and buttondown shirts from RMK.

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Functional Design = Art in Motion

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Some people call it “functional art”, but at RMK, we call it art in motion (RMK VIDEO).

A painting is only good for looking at, unless it is applied to an object that serves a function that is not directly art related. From an etching design on a gun, a unique pattern on a tennis racket, or a slick paint job on a bike or car, functional art has beauty in multiple ways weather still or moving.

Due to the fact that most functional art is not stationary, those in possession of the art can share it with the world. Intrinsically we can say that the art touches us all in different ways. When we can gain the perspective of a piece of art from the eyes of others, we become a better viewer and observe more.

RMK CLOTHiNG has been described as function and design based clothing. The classic silhouettes have complete vintage integrity in design, yet they have been artfully updated with modern fabric that is both unique to the eye and serves a role such as being malleable (flexible poly-cotton) or breezy (perforated leather) for the gentleman on the move. The Beretta jacket and Astro hybrid have been noted for such.

Recently RMK designed a bicycle that truly embodies the term functional art. Taking cues from classic design and using modern methods and updated parts the bike is a powerful, moving (pun intended), piece of art. Be inspired by our creations and shine your uniqueness on the world. Just make sure to remind them to wear shades.


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