Haunted Blog

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The RMK blog is haunted by ghouls and goblins of style. The new RMK collection is available now on Karmaloop, the jackets and shirts are to die for.

I was struck by lighting
Walkin’ down the street
I was hit by something last night in my sleep
It’s a dead man’s party
Who could ask for more?
Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door…

-Oingo Boingo [Dead Mans Party]

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“Wear a suit, don’t look like one.”

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You can still look dapper and have fun with your style. An open jacket at the party when buttoned can instantly be casual business attire. Having pieces in your artillery (wardrobe) that can be worn for different occasions is a must for the modern man on the go.

The Monte Carlo blazer by RMK CLOTHiNG has the silhouette of the classic menswear staple finished with design details that make it instantly new. Black and grey herringbone fabric comprises the body and features like leather elbow pads, piping and pocket details make it “time to rock” ready.

RMK CLOTHiNG thanks GQ magazine for publishing the mantra “Wear a suit, don’t look like one.”

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Golden Smile

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Are you lucky enough to have a “golden” smile?

-Try this one on for size.

RMK reminds you that when you look good, you feel good. And when you radiate good vibes, the world will notice.

This Fall rock a smile with a fresh fit jacket or button down by RMK. Let the sun shine on.

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Mclovin that RMK

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Recently Christopher Mintz-Plasse of Super Bad (Mclovin) & Kick Ass fame, was spotted out rocking the new Beretta Varsity Jacket by RMK CLOTHiNG. The black perforated leather sleeves, and molten wool body make this functional piece stand-out in the new collection now available on Karmaloop.

Style icons and retailers alike are billing RMK CLOTHiNG, by Ryan Marc Katz as the designer who embodies the future of style. Starting with classic silhouttes, modern details unique to the designer make this collection both classic and instantly new. Keep your eye out for more menswear infused jackets, hoodies, and buttondown shirts from RMK.

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Vintage Skateboards

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Vintage skateboards are radical.

Not only do they make great conversation pieces, but the history and the evolution of the sport is what makes them magical. Just to think that less than 100 years ago, somebody took their sisters roller-skates apart and attached the wheel housing to a plank of wood and then hit the block.

The evolution of the shape and the science behind skateboarding is incredible. Although the sport has become very plastic wrapped &“mall-shopping-mom” friendly, we can’t knock progress and budding child action sport super stars.

At this time there is a heavy debate about having skateboarding in the 2012 Olympics in London. The sheer acrobatics, technical difficulty, discipline, and athleticism make a case for a true sport worthy of Olympic grace. If you can compete with a broom in Curling and BMX racing is in, there really is no debate.

RMK Clothing is rooted in lifestyle clothing that crosses the boundaries of menswear with a splash of active wear design to improve functionality. All the hoodies, blazers, dress shirts, jackets. . .EVERYTHING breathes. Meaning that all of our garments either zip open, unbutton, or feature design details like perforated leather that allow the bearer to stay cool and comfortable in the zone.Whether ripping up the sidewalk on your skateboard, on a hot date, or hustling in a business meeting, RMK keeps you cool.

Team RMK is proud of the evolution of skateboarding, how the subculture has infiltrated mainstream culture & fashion, and the prospect of Olympic gold. Rock that new blazer with your skate shoes or your oxfords. Dress up to get down. RMK

Functional Design = Art in Motion

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Some people call it “functional art”, but at RMK, we call it art in motion (RMK VIDEO).

A painting is only good for looking at, unless it is applied to an object that serves a function that is not directly art related. From an etching design on a gun, a unique pattern on a tennis racket, or a slick paint job on a bike or car, functional art has beauty in multiple ways weather still or moving.

Due to the fact that most functional art is not stationary, those in possession of the art can share it with the world. Intrinsically we can say that the art touches us all in different ways. When we can gain the perspective of a piece of art from the eyes of others, we become a better viewer and observe more.

RMK CLOTHiNG has been described as function and design based clothing. The classic silhouettes have complete vintage integrity in design, yet they have been artfully updated with modern fabric that is both unique to the eye and serves a role such as being malleable (flexible poly-cotton) or breezy (perforated leather) for the gentleman on the move. The Beretta jacket and Astro hybrid have been noted for such.

Recently RMK designed a bicycle that truly embodies the term functional art. Taking cues from classic design and using modern methods and updated parts the bike is a powerful, moving (pun intended), piece of art. Be inspired by our creations and shine your uniqueness on the world. Just make sure to remind them to wear shades.


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Palm Trees

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What is it about the Palm tree that says “life is good?”

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a picky tree and will only thrive in warm tropical regions.  Or that the Coconut Palm Tree helps many indigenous people live comfortable on their islands. And gives city folks delicious foods, and beverages.

The Coconut Palm Tree has many uses, which include; leaves for creating a thatched roof, the actual coconut for food and oil, the trunk for fires and warmth, and the fibers for creating nets for fishing. Comfort  in its shade and it sustains life.

Nature could not have designed a more regal tree. A sleek strong armored core trunk and fan like branches make the tree well suited to sway somewhere where time is what you make it. Picture yourself in a RMK CLOTHiNG blazer sipping a cocktail under a palm tree. Now make it a reality.

Check out the freshness now available direct at the RMK Web-store.


Fedora Gold

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The ultimate stay cool accessory this summer is the Fedora among other classic hats. Having a brim to shield your face is great, but shielding your whole head feels awesome (nobody likes ear sunburns).

As seen in our RMK hoodies, jackets & button downs; functionality is everything. You may have seen our perforated leather fitted caps, but this summer we found something even more breathable for your dome. It pairs great with the Monte Carlo Blazer & other RMK pieces.

We built our fedora out of black straw and added a drop of “hatitude” (bent back of brim). The we wrapped it with a fresh black cotton band. Then we stuck a regal gold Dachshund hat pin on the left side. Then we grabbed a cooler, filled it beer and went to the beach. Voila, you are ready to take on the summer sun with classic style. Limited quantities available now.

Stay tuned for more summer gear dropping soon from RMK CLOTHiNG. Let the sunshine! -RMK

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70s Furniture

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In the design world, the 70′s produced some of the most timeless furniture, some of which has come back to mainstream only to be called “modern”.   True collectors go for the Original Italian pieces with fusions of wood, leather and plastic that were built to last with the dream of being used in a living room or office on another planet.

The approach that was used to make something so practical as furniture,  unique and wondrous is similar to the approach used to design RMK CLOTHiNG. The Astro hoody for example fuses the classic silhouette of a hoody with the details influenced by a modern jacket to create something incredibly comfortable, dapper and unique. Similar technique is applied to create jackets, blazers, hoodies,  and dress shirts that look great and stand the test of time both in style and fit.

In this day and age its a breath of fresh air to see the influence of retro-modern furniture live on. Find some time to visit a vintage furniture store and seek the ones that specialize in 70′s retro-modern styles, you will be in awe (and cozy). Its art you can sit on and entertain with!


Venomous Cobra Belt

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It is fair to say you can judge a man by his shoe and RMK jacket collection, his symposium of style essentials that become regular wardrobe staples.

The next level would be, what are his go-to belts?

Head designer at RMK CLOTHiNG, Ryan Marc Katz is known to rock a real cobra snake belt acquired in Mexico. The snake body is the length of the belt and the actual cobra head has been manipulated into a buckle. It is a full on Cobra with teeth still intact in the mouth, the only fake thing being the pretty plastic eyes.

Hoodies, jackets, dress shirts you name it; a true edgy gentleman rocks a cobra skin belt. Not to be confused with the snakeskin steez that 70′s pimps wore (which were sweet in their own right).

Stay suave, rock a cobra belt, RMK ALL DAY!