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As avid fans of the VICE network, and everything your mom warned you about, RMK CLOTHiNG couldn’t be happier with this news.  We were just informed that the Monte Carlo Blazer (Herringbone & Leather) was featured in a special on VICE.

“I am a shocker. I like to create controversy. It’s my trademark. “-Brenda Fassie

Babe & Bot

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In the Summer of 69, you could have been this very robot.

Nothing we like more than nice pair of sparkplugs.

RMK Beep Beep Boop availible at a robot part shop near you.


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“Wear a suit, don’t be one”

RMK drop via Karmaloop.


Wooden 1955 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing

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Two things that we love at RMK CLOTHiNG are wood grain anything and classic cars, so this story gave us classic wood immediately.


Most people only DREAM of owning a real and functioning 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing cruising in their RMK driver jacket. As they are rare and have a heavy price tag, that might not be that much of a reality, but for just a little less than $7,000 (it was actually sold already on ebay), you can get your hands on this 1:1 scale model constructed entirely out of wood. The detail and craftsmanship appears to be top-notch from the hubcaps, to the body shape and interior. The doors also go up and down just like the real deal thanks to hinges.

Just amazing. To the do-it yourselfers and creative mother (El Camino) truckers, get out there and make your vision a reality.

Urban Nomad Hanger

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This one goes out to the urban nomad. Dedicated to the free spirit and a heart that beats to its own drum. How rad is this?!. . A collapsible hanger from Italian Almove design group. A great way to keep your essential RMK jackets and shirts just makes too much sense to take on those adventures. . . No matter where you are, that must be the place.

No matter where you are, that must be the place.

Coachella 2012 Music Discovery Playlist

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Now that we are into the new year, Coachella 2012 is on the horizon. Looking at the lineup there is a lot of excellent artists that we are excited to see & hear, but the bulk of the lineup seems quite foreign. Messing around in the RMK CLOTHiNG design studio, we came up with a great way to discover which of the lesser known artists are worth checking out before they make the transition from indie obscurity to main stream success (Ex. Black Keys).

After doing some research, we compiled a Groove Shark  playlist of the top 3 best songs from EVERY artist on the 2012 lineup and then hit play. Immediately we discovered some excellent music and some crap that sounds like, well. . crap. If you forked over $300+ for a ticket not including your other expenses, this is a great way to figure out which stages to hit. Coachella is going to be epic. See you in the desert.

Look out for RMK CLOTHiNG Spring Collection being rocked at the festival. Make sure to check out the “Astro”  hoody puff jacket hybrid for a great versatile piece that breathes when its hot and zips up when its cold. Rock Steady!


Travelers Trunk Revisited

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You had the RMK crew at solid wood luggage.

If you have ever attended a flea market or a really great estate sale, you probably have run into a travelers trunk case. In the days when people went touring on ships (origin of word “Tourist), they needed clothing for many weeks at a time and packed appropriately. If you could afford to stay above the worker barracks, you had a wooden trunk wardrobe that had everything and when stood up acted like a small closet. Louis Vuitton became very famous for their trunks and built the legacy that we see carried on today on smaller bags.

Recently we encountered a collaboration between denim brand Denham and Scottish furniture makers Method. Inspired the history of traveling, Method constructed a beautiful steamer trunk for the jeanmaker. Both light weight and extremely robust, the birch lined trunk is outfitted with everything a jeanmaker could need. You could hang all  your pants and RMK jackets, hoodies, blazers, shirts, and be set to travel in style for a while. Handcut leather handles and the 200 interconnected traditional joints are only a few of the outstanding details that can be found on the trunk. Nowadays not the most practical piece, but if you travel by train, street or sea, this could be a fun piece.

Rad Elbow Pads!

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Its the details that set the suave from the sophisticated and the fresh from the fly. RMK CLOTHiNG . Taking cues from classic sport coat and merging the fit of blazer with modern fabric blends like leather and herringbone, we have a mens jacket. New addition to collection on Karmaloop.

The newest RMK CLOTHiNG collection features the Monte Carlo Blazer in Herringbone with leather piping and elbow pad details. This is a formal piece of menswear has been tailored to work as functional streetwear.  From the party to the presentation, ready to rock.


Rockin those Monte Carlo elbow pads! Yeahhhhhhh

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DP Bubbly : 2003′s Beautiful Struggle

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While some have a bubbly personality, others would prefer to sip on the bubbly this time of year. Today, RMK Clothing attended a private event to sample in this year’s finest Dom Perignon release.

The story goes that in 2003, a devilishly hot summer hit France that was followed by an extreme winter and a harsh spring. Unusual frosts were a major issue and a majority of the  Côte des Blancs Chardonnay crop was ruined. Due to the inclement weather, no house could produce a solid vintage, except of course, the masterminds at Dom Pérignon‘s  Abbaye d’Hautvillers.

What was produced as a final product is incredibly unique and delicious. Cellar master Richard Geoffroy describes it as a “duality between restraint and expression”. Taking what they know and using what they have, they have made the best of what was a horrible year for creating champagne.

RMK CLOTHiNG is rooted in streetwear and menswear. While other companies are limited to conform to a particular mold, we break it. Every collection is an independent step away from the norm to create a unique line of clothing that has a tailored feel for men of luxury and leisure. No matter your roots, you are unique and should wear something that is progressive and versatile like yourself. From start to finish, a collection of jackets, hoodies, sweat shirts and more culminate a glorious offering for an inspired gentleman.  This holiday season, we tip our glass to you.

Steezin’ Season

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Seasons change, mad things rearrange, But it all stays the same like the love Doctor Strange

That brisk air outside lets us know that its steezin season. The current RMK CLOTHiNG offering brings a collection of jackets, and button downs that can be worn now that its cooling down and unzip or unbutton when it warms up. A modern streetwear design spin on classic outerwear keeps you warm in functional timeless style. Take a closer look at the RMK collection drop via Karmaloop here.

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