Bugatti Veyron 1945 by RC82 Workchop

It takes a dreamer to envision the past with something new and make it sexy. The RMK CLOTHiNG crew stumbled across this digital rendering of a 1945 Bugatti Veyron from the creative minds at RC82 Workchop. The Bugatti belongs to the same group as the makers of the Beetle and this rendering really draws from that design marriage.

The Polish artist(s) incorporated all the design cues of the original (or classic) Volkswagen Beetle, from the deep-dish steel wheels and bug eyes, to the window frames and exterior door hinges, on the shape of the Bugatti Veyron hypercar.

RMK CLOTHiNG takes pride in modernizing classics as seen in our Beretta Varsity that applies modern fit and trim to a classic varsity. They say you can’t fuck with a classic, “they” are kind of right.

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