Coachella 2012 Music Discovery Playlist

Now that we are into the new year, Coachella 2012 is on the horizon. Looking at the lineup there is a lot of excellent artists that we are excited to see & hear, but the bulk of the lineup seems quite foreign. Messing around in the RMK CLOTHiNG design studio, we came up with a great way to discover which of the lesser known artists are worth checking out before they make the transition from indie obscurity to main stream success (Ex. Black Keys).

After doing some research, we compiled a Groove Shark  playlist of the top 3 best songs from EVERY artist on the 2012 lineup and then hit play. Immediately we discovered some excellent music and some crap that sounds like, well. . crap. If you forked over $300+ for a ticket not including your other expenses, this is a great way to figure out which stages to hit. Coachella is going to be epic. See you in the desert.

Look out for RMK CLOTHiNG Spring Collection being rocked at the festival. Make sure to check out the “Astro”  hoody puff jacket hybrid for a great versatile piece that breathes when its hot and zips up when its cold. Rock Steady!


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