Travelers Trunk Revisited

You had the RMK crew at solid wood luggage.

If you have ever attended a flea market or a really great estate sale, you probably have run into a travelers trunk case. In the days when people went touring on ships (origin of word “Tourist), they needed clothing for many weeks at a time and packed appropriately. If you could afford to stay above the worker barracks, you had a wooden trunk wardrobe that had everything and when stood up acted like a small closet. Louis Vuitton became very famous for their trunks and built the legacy that we see carried on today on smaller bags.

Recently we encountered a collaboration between denim brand Denham and Scottish furniture makers Method. Inspired the history of traveling, Method constructed a beautiful steamer trunk for the jeanmaker. Both light weight and extremely robust, the birch lined trunk is outfitted with everything a jeanmaker could need. You could hang allĀ  your pants and RMK jackets, hoodies, blazers, shirts, and be set to travel in style for a while. Handcut leather handles and the 200 interconnected traditional joints are only a few of the outstanding details that can be found on the trunk. Nowadays not the most practical piece, but if you travel by train, street or sea, this could be a fun piece.

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