DP Bubbly : 2003′s Beautiful Struggle

While some have a bubbly personality, others would prefer to sip on the bubbly this time of year. Today, RMK Clothing attended a private event to sample in this year’s finest Dom Perignon release.

The story goes that in 2003, a devilishly hot summer hit France that was followed by an extreme winter and a harsh spring. Unusual frosts were a major issue and a majority of the  Côte des Blancs Chardonnay crop was ruined. Due to the inclement weather, no house could produce a solid vintage, except of course, the masterminds at Dom Pérignon‘s  Abbaye d’Hautvillers.

What was produced as a final product is incredibly unique and delicious. Cellar master Richard Geoffroy describes it as a “duality between restraint and expression”. Taking what they know and using what they have, they have made the best of what was a horrible year for creating champagne.

RMK CLOTHiNG is rooted in streetwear and menswear. While other companies are limited to conform to a particular mold, we break it. Every collection is an independent step away from the norm to create a unique line of clothing that has a tailored feel for men of luxury and leisure. No matter your roots, you are unique and should wear something that is progressive and versatile like yourself. From start to finish, a collection of jackets, hoodies, sweat shirts and more culminate a glorious offering for an inspired gentleman.  This holiday season, we tip our glass to you.

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